Online Protection

At GGL we can provide specialist services in online protection. Whether you are in the public-eye, a high net-worth individual, or you have received some unwanted attention and you are concerned about your safety, we can help you.



With unrivalled insight into the criminal mindset of those seeking to obtain and use your private information against you, we are able to provide confidential, expert advice to secure your privacy.

Your online presence can often leave a trail to you and your family. Vulnerabilities can lead to your most personal details being leaked into the public domain. Personal information can be used for identity theft, to create fictitious accounts, or to socially engineer a situation to compromise you. 

We will work with you to profile your online footprint, to establish information that is currently in the public domain and resolve it. We will provide expert advice on how to secure your online privacy and practical tips to allow you to enjoy social media safely. We will provide up to date details on the most secure means of online communication and develop an easy to follow plan for all the family.

Based on extensive law enforcement experience in the UK and overseas, We are confident in providing the very best, cost-effective service, to protect you and your loved ones.