Policies and Procedures


GGL Training Solutions have in place an appeals procedure to ensure equal opportunities and an effective assessment system.

If a candidate wishes to appeal against an assessment decision made by an assessor they should:

  • Stage 1.  Discuss the decision with the assessor, in order to inform them of the fact that they disagree with a decision and explain why.  The assessor will record the details on an assessment plan with the outcome of the discussion.

If the candidate has discussed their concerns with their assessor and they feel that they wish to continue the appeal against an assessment decision they should progress to stage 2.

The IQAC, will assign an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) to examine the assessment decision and reason for appeal and report their decision in writing within 10 working days of being allocated the appeal.  The IQAC will then inform the candidate and the assessor of their decision.

If the candidate disagrees with the decision of the IQAC then they can continue the appeal and request it be considered at stage 3.

  • Stage 3. The facts of the appeal will be considered by a panel consisting of the Director of Operations and Director of Training and the IQAC.  The panel will convene within 15 working days of the candidate invoking stage 3 and report their decision to the candidate within 5 working days of that decision being made.

If the candidate disagrees with the decision of the panel then they can continue the appeal to stage 4.

  • Stage 4. The candidate can make contact with the awarding organisation, ProQual Awards, for them to consider the assessment decision.

All relevant paperwork will be stored at GGL Training Solutions and be available for inspection by External Quality Assurer on request.