Investigation and Intelligence

GGL was founded by former senior police investigators. We use investigators who are subject matter experts in their respective investigative disciplines and who are well known to us both personally and through established reputation.



GGL can provide corporate customers, at all levels, with the business intelligence and investigations services they need. We can assist you to pursue fraud identification, due diligence, asset tracing and risk mitigation. We can help you to protect personal and organisational reputations and to ensure business continuity.

We can investigate internal disciplinary matters or criminal allegations which your organisation faces. We will formulate a bespoke investigation plan that satisfies your individual needs and ensures complete confidentiality. We can utilise a complete range of investigative tactics.

Corporate intelligence

In an increasingly regulated environment, you need to be proactive in protecting your brand, assets and your reputation. Working with unreliable, poorly qualified, unprofessional or discreditable parties can damage your organisation. You need to be assured about the integrity of your employees, clients, business partners, including their conduct, consistency and validity of information they provide to you. Corporate Intelligence is about the collection and analysis of information to build up a reliable picture which will help your organisation make informed and defensible management decisions.