Consultancy Services

GGL is a specialist consultancy company, consisting of a network of highly experienced professionals from law enforcement, intelligence and military backgrounds. We are able to assist you by providing bespoke advice and assistance relevant to your specific situation and needs. We specialise in providing businesses, inviduals and organisations with confidential advice and assistance to deal with whatever risk, threat, vulnerability or security situation they face.

We fully understand your need for business continuity. We also recognise the need to provide you with a high quality of service. We will always demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and display positive ethical principles. We will always endeavour to help you comply fully with with relevant legislation and to protect yourself and your organisation from the threats you face. We can assist you with issues such as,

Risk – Assessment, Management, Mitigation, Travelling & Planning

Investigation – Workplace & Corporate issues, Planning, Reviews and Due Diligence

Intelligence – Whistleblowing, Surveillance, Countermeasures, Vetting.

Threats – Cyber Awareness & Security, Insider threats, Security Surveys & Planning

Knowledge – Training, coaching, mentoring, CPD & advice

We invite and welcome your contact for a confidential, no obligation discussion in relation to your sitaution and needs.

Delivering Excellence with Integrity